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Komovi Circularhiking

Summary: Most visitors to the Komovis are intent to climb one or more of its three peaks. On a nice summer day, they are likely to meet many likeminded climbers. An alternative is the roundtrip around all three peaks, which offers good views to all of them. But don't be fooled: this is not an easy stroll - in fact you are likely to climb more than if you were to climb Kom Vasejovicki, and the roundtrip totals more than 18 kilometer in length.

Maximum altitude: 2115 meter
Minimum altitude: 1599 meter
Cumulative height: 782 meter
Cumulative length: 18.63 kilometer roundtrip
Difficulty moderate
Time: 7 hours roundtrip
Date of this record August 2010
Download GPS info: Komovi Circular


General location and approach: As virtually all hikes in the Komovi area, also this starts at the Eko Katun. Chalets are available for rent, but it is also possible on the grassy plain of Stavna. Eko Katun serves drings and light meals. Consult the map for reachinh the Eko Katun.


Other Information: The clockwise route is recommended, for the better views. It is a little difficult to find the start of the hike (except that is starts at the Eko Katun). While one is inclined to walk straight towards Kom Vasejovicki in order not to loose altitude, one may get lost in the forst and brambles. It pays off to seek, as soon as possible, a lower path on the left, which provides easy walking. There is path for most of the walk. Water is available at Katune Carine, after a third of the hike, and at a spring (Rogamski Velo) on the west side of Kom Kucki (two thirds into the hike). When you think you are almost done, be prepared to descend into and climb up a valley that separates you Katun Martinovica from Eko Katun.


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