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Around Lake Issyk-Kul, Kyrgyzstangreehikegreendrive

Summary: The regular camera picture formats are not adequate to capture the wide expanse of Kyrgyzstans plains and mountains. Kyrgyzstan is a photographer's dream.

We had to be in Kyrgyzstan, and arranged to arrive a few days early. It was too cold in November to plan any longer hikes, but the drive around Lake Issyk-Kul and back to Bishkek was an excellent introduction to Kyrgyzstan and its mountains. It has been snowing in the mountains and the weather was bright and sunny providing glorious views.

The rountrip took us 4 days, which was just right to sample the many sights marked as waypoints.

The Drive: We start the trail at Ashu guesthouse, in order not to double-track too many of the coordinates. The actual journey is likely to start and end in Bishkek, and is about 900 kilometer

Maximum altitude: 2027 meter
Minimum altitude: 736 meter
Cumulative height: 3313  meter
Cumulative length: About 900  kilometer
Difficulty easy
Time: 4 days
Date of this record November 2012
Download GPS info: Around Lake Issyk-Kul

The Hike to the Fairytal Canyon: This is a short hike to some bizarre sandstone formation - absolutely worthwhile if you have one hour or two to spare. Have a picnic at the Lake when you are done. To shorten the hike, you can drive into the canyon. THis reduces walking to less than 2 kilometers - thoughit may well be possible to soend half a day exploring the area.

Maximum altitude: 1765 meter
Minimum altitude: 1622 meter
Cumulative height: 145  meter
Cumulative length: 5.5 kilometer
Difficulty easy
Time: at least one hour
Date of this record November 2012
Download GPS info: Fairytale Canyon

General location and approach: Kyrgyzstan

Other Information: The road is asphalt throughout, old but without potholes. There is an alternative autobahn between Bishkek and the turn-off to Ashu.

GPS and trailmaps: The map and trailinformation is generated by wikiloc based on GPS information collected from the actual hike. Waypoints can be downloaded to a GPS device from Wikiloc. If necessary, use GPSBabel to convert GPS data to different formats. For more hike descriptions by Palmtreetreeproduction, browse this website or visit Wikiloc and search for "Palmtreeproduction". You may also find nearby trails from other authors.

Google Earth: You may also view the trail in 3D by viewing it directly in Google Earth. You need to have Google Earth installed on your computer. Activate "wikiloc"in the "Gallery" menu in Google earth.