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Can do without that strenuous hiking and climbing? Here are reports of some of our travels around the globe, short and long excursions, some more leisurely than others, but always adventurous.

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  • Albania is -not yet- topping the list of travelers or adventure-seekers. This is only a question of time.

Someone flew over the bunkernest



  • We now have been a few times in Montenegro, and our "Best of Montenegro" collection seems to get out of date - but this is just to wet the appetite. Also visit our "Hikes and Climbs" page for more impression of adventurous Montenegro.





  • One can probably have a complete website on its own for Greece - and surely these exist - but for now we want to draw attention to Zagorohoria.  The mountains in northern Greece, which also hide away the famous Vikos Gorge, said to be one of the deepest, if not the deepest in Europe. Also visit our hiking adventours from the Pilion peninsula.


  • Some impressions of a four day trip around Lake Issyk-Kul, taking in the vistas, some interesting sites, and a little hiking. Kyrgyzstan is a photographer's dream!


  • In April 2013, we briefly visited Azerbaijan, and took 2 extra days to visit the 5000 year-old village of Xinaliq (though our hopes to climb higher mountains were thwarted by inclement weather). We then also used the time to visit two geological phenomena: Mud and Candy.

Kenya to Cape Town

Motoring in Kenya

Motoring in Kenya

Travelling North America

  • Travelling USA: You may have been travelling to New York, and while everyone has his or her favorite snaps about New York, here are ours. The Gates are gone, but here are some impressions from the Cristo-happening. 

  • A selection of our "Best Images" from our time in New York and hiking the environs. Also, check out the best of "Flora and Fauna" - including the rattlesnakes - that we encountered during our rambles around New York.

  • Going West, not on Route 66 but Interstate I-90, from New York to Seattle. Some of the best highlights. Also visit our Colorado site, which not only has climbs but also many other interesting stories, including a visit to the truly amazing Mesa Verde National Park.

  • Fundy National Park of Canada encompasses some of the last remaining wilderness in southern New Brunswick Canada. It also has the highest tides in North America.

  • Interested in hiking and climbing? Visit our best hikes and climbs in the USA.

Frog in Westchester County, New York


Latin America and Carribean


South-East Asia

Halong Bay

Cruising in Halong Bay, Vietnam


  • Cairo is probably high on every globetrotter's list. Pyramids, bellydance and dancing dervishes...

Dervish in Cairo

Western Europe

  • Western European tourists tend to look overseas for memorable sights. But Brussels has its Manneken Pis and Lambic Beer.


Top Stories

  • Operation Lifeline Sudan, or OLS, was during its first few years the largest humanitarian relief operation at the time. It was an affiliation of several UN-agencies and circa 40 non-governmental organizations (NGOs), providing humanitarian assistance to the war- afflicted people in southern Sudan, and operating under a common framework and agreements. Relief was provided living under the control of the Sudan People's Liberation Army (SPLA). This is not an official statement of the United Nations or any associated organization.It is a personal account of situations and initiatives by Detlef Palm while working as programme coordinator for OLS

  • Look at the Concept Off-Road Truck, that withstood the roughest desert and bush safaris in Eastern and Southern Africa. Read how to build your own go-anywhere Overland Truck for family adventure ianywhere in the world. With images and video clips of all the action.

  • The best places with a guarantee to see to see Rattlesnakes - are during day-hikes from New York City. Who would have thought? For vipers in the Namib desert, check out our short clip on you tube.



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Operation Lifeline Sudan


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