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Hikes and Climbs - The largest site with many sub-sites from exciting locations and mountaineering and hiking adventure.

Africa Climbs

Elgon - Slide Show from climb of Elgon, Uganda
Kilimanjaro - Slide Show from climb of, Kilimanjaro, 1980
Lengai - Slide Show from climb of Lengai 1992,
Ruwenzori - Slide Show from climb of Mount Speke and others, 1981
Malawi - Slide Show from climbs in Malawi, 1993 - 1997
Meru - Slide Show from climb of Mount Meru, Tanzania, 1980
Virunga 1 - Slide Show from climb of three volvanoes in Rwanda, 1980
Virunga 2 - Slide Show from climb of Bisoke Volcanoe, Rwanda, 2007
Kenya Mountains - Slide show of some "other"Kenya mountains with the attention of the mountaineer: Mount Kenya, Aberdares and more...

Albania Climbs

Korabi Slide Show from climb of Mount Korabi, highest mountain in Albvania, 2009
Lepushe Slide Show from some easy hiking in the Vermosh Valley, 2009
Valbona Slide Show from the Valbona Valley and a hike on the Valbona Pass (connecting to tThethi)

Montenegro Climbs

Radostak - to be climbed from Herceg Novi
Biogradska Gora - National Park is one of the oldest in the Balkans, if not the World
Treskavac - in the Kučka krajina mountains
Kom Vasojevivki - said to be the easiest of the three Komivi summits

Mexico Climbs Climbing trip to the highest mountains of Mexico

Orizaba Gallery - Slide Show from climb of Pico de Orizaba
Izta Gallery - Slide Show from climb of Izta
Toluca Gallery - Slide Show from climb of Toluca
La Malinche Gallery - Slide Show from climb of La Malinche
Ajusco Gallery - Slide Show from climb of IMount Ajusco
Paricutin Gallery - Slide Show from climb of Paricutin

USA Climbs - our biggest sub-site, brimming with information

Adirondacks - the great wilderness in northern New York State

Algonqin - 2nd highest of the Adirondacks
Colden - an elegant mountain and fantastic vantage point for looking at Marcy, Algonqin and everything else
Colden Lake - if the weather is not good enough to climb
Dix - not as accessible as many other peaks; a more rugged range that almost always requires backpacking
Giant - easy and a great viewpoint on the central Adirondacks
Gothics - one of the best in the Adirondacks
Great Range - the central part of the Great Range - for epic backpacks
Jo - near Heart Lake, a short hike when the weatehr is mediocre
Marcy - the highest
Pharaoh - a hidden range with an even better hidden lake
Tongue - the Tongue Mountain, home of rattlesnakes

Cascades - The Cascades in Washigton States, 2005

Adams - Isolated Volcanoe, on Mazama Route
Baker - with its huge claciers
Old Snowy - a very nice backpack, with tons of flowers
Westcoasthikes - a collection of many other nice hikes in Washington

Catskills - close to New York, not too busy

Escarpment - backpack along the Escarpment Trail
Shawagunks - exciting possibilities in the Shawagunks

Colorado - hikes, climbs and places in Colorado, 2007 and 2008

Bierstadt - one of the easisert fourteeners
Breckenridge - a luxury mountain town with its own charme
Chief Mountain - a short acclimatization Hike
Crestone Lake - a hiiden gem
Decalibron Democrat, Cameron, Lincoln and Brother cann all be climbed in a single swoop - perhaps
Elbert - the highest
Evans - the one to go by car
Flowers of Colorado
Frisco - a nice little town, too
Gateview - one of the best camping in Colorado
Geissler - three mountains at once, little known and little visited
Georgetown - gateway of the Front Range
Grays&Torrey - tow for one
Grizzly - the one at Loveland Pass
Huron - the shapely one
Lake City - a good place to rest
Leadville - famous, one of the highest communities in the USA
Massive - the second highest, and massive
Mesa Verde - national park
Ouray - gateway to Sneffels and else
Owl Pass - an easy pass to drive, with spectacular views
Powderhorn - remote lakes
Quandary - big and well known
Rafting - on the Arkansas in Colorado
Redcloud - not as easy as it looks
Red Mountain - near the million Dollar Highway
Silverton - on the Million Dollar Highway
Sneffels - one of the best. The most difficult of the "easy" ones
Uncompahgre - Interesting, shapely, and easy once you get to the trailhead
Vaquez - where we got lost
Woods - Mount Woods, trail-less.

Hudson Valley

Connecticut and Massachusetts
Flora and Fauna
New Jersey and Lond Island

Vermont to Maine

Northern Woods
Green Mountains
White Mountains


Western Europe Climbs

Engadin and the Bergell - summer 2004
Other Swiss Mountains - some earlier climbing images from Switzerland
Wales - summer 2006
Snowdon Horseshoe - 2007
Exmoor - summer 2006
The Eifel - our home turf

Locations and Travel  - Sites for the armchair traveller

Albania - Everything we know about Albania, and more, with subsites and resources

Apollonia - historic
Berat - also historic
Blue Eye - a marvel
Butrint - historic
Gjirokaster - historic and interesting
Komani - world class ferry travel
Kruja - old town on the hill, with the Skenderbey castle
Llogara Pass - not to be missed
Sarande - Coasta town opposite Korfu
Thethi - hidden in the heart of the Dinaric Alps
Vermosh - The upper North of Albania, an adventure by road
Petronella Castle - view from Petronella over Tirana
Road from Gjirokaster to Korca - alomg the border to Greece - awaits with fantsastic views

Best of Montengro - so far

Latin America and Carribean

Mexicotravel - sights of Mexico
Panama - more than the Canal
Quito  - by night
Virgin Island - New Year 2004-5

South East Asia

Bhutan - mysterious Land of the Dragon
Halong Bay - myserious Vietnam

Safari - Africa Adventures from Kenya to Cape Town

Safari - from Kenya to the Cape - the best of 20 years Safari in Africa
Best of Motoring in Africa - four wheel drive adventure
Canoeing the Orange - between Namibi and South Africa
Malwi to Nambia - in 1994

Cairo - by night and by day

Travelling North America

Canada - a visit to Fundy National Park
The Gates - Cristo Spectacle in New York
I-90 - go from East to West across the USA
New York - the best of
Best Pictures - nice picture from New York

Brussels - and Manneken Piss

Top Stories of Palmtree Production

Max - the Expedition truck
OLS - Relief Operation in war-torn Souhtern Sudan

Thoughts - Train-Thoughts from the Commuter Train, with 100 stories

Family Pictures and Stories for the Family

Malawi to Namibia
Somalia Family

USA Family - during our time in the USA

Family Bronxville
Family Blizzard 06
Family Canada Trip
Family EastCoast
Family Germany
Family Hiking
Family Mount Vernon
Family Virginia
Family Virgin Island
Family Wales
Family Westcoast
Our Buick(s)

Clips Movies and clips with the Palm Tree Logo

Reading Adventure Selected books - not a complete list but we are working on it

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