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Ivacka Glava in Papuk Geoparkgreen hike

Summary: Papuk Geopark is southeast of Zagreb, and can be easily reached from the highway connecting Zagreb and Belgrade. It covers one of the major ridgelines in the otherwise rather flat plains. To their credit, authorities and hiking clubs did a great job in creating an interesting outdoor destination in varied surroundings

A major point is Jankovac Hut, a chalet in the forest with a restaurant and private rooms. We would have stayed in Jankovac, but we didn't as we were alerted to a wedding ceremony that would last through the night. So we stayed in the Majetic winery nearby Kutjevo, and were not dissappointed.

The hike: Ivacka Glava is the highest point accessible to hikers in Papupk Geopark. The actual summit is used by the military and not open to the public. Our trail starts at the pass, from where the road (no 4WD is necessary) from Velika is descending to Jankovac. The trail is well signposted. It is also possible to park at Jankovac and start hiking from there, but it adds considerably to the distance and elevation gain.

Maximum altitude: 921 meter
Minimum altitude: 727 meter
Cumulative height: 245  meter
Cumulative length: 6 kilometer roundtrip
Difficulty easy
Time: 2 hours
Date of this record September 2014
Download GPS info: Ivacka Glava

General location and approach: Near Kutjevo, between Zagreb and Osijek

Other Information: Jankovac is also the place of an interesting waterfall and particular geological formations, which are still being reserached. The circular walk from Jankovac is very much recommended - it doesn't take  more than 30 minutes, but hiking shoes are recommended. Educational tours are available.

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