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Brar North Summit from PeVblue hike

Summary: Mali i Brarit is the source of endless delight. Mali i Brarit has been the mountain to which we returned most frequently, and which we enjoyed every time.

From the west, Brar Mountain can be climbed from either Brar village or Priske e Vogël - or PeV in case you wondered.

The normal route to the plateau and either of the summits of Brar is one of the best mountain paths (if not THE BEST mountain path) in the vicinity of Tirana. For instance, check out the following trails to Brar Main summit and Brar Mountain Pass (with return on the Arber road).

For our ascent of the northern Summit of Brar we selected a new trail, that leads more direct from PeV to the grazing areas on the plateau, and then reaches the summit via its northwest ridge. The path is quite exciting, and ingeniously laid out into the rocky west face of Brar. A few spots make you wonder whether you'll ever get out of it, just to reveal a new twist and turn until you reach the plateau.

For the return hike, descended south until we reached the trail that leads to the pass between the twin summit of Brar Mountain.

For this hike we picked the most hazy day of 2013 (so far), so the images are not what they could have been otherwise. But it didn't take away from the hike!

The Drive to the trailhead: From Kamez (Tirana) to Priske e Vogel. A regular car will do except for the final hundred meter or so in the village itself, for which some extra ground clearance might be required.

Maximum altitude: 371 meter
Minimum altitude: 66 meter
Cumulative height: 310  meter
Cumulative length: 11.8 kilometers
Difficulty easy
Time: 40 minutes
Date of this record May 2013
Download GPS info: Drive to Priske e Vogel

The Hike: The trail between the "soccer field" to the summit and down to the path between the two summits is a light buhwhack.

Maximum altitude: 1237 meter
Minimum altitude: 375 meter
Cumulative height: 868  meter
Cumulative length: 7.73 kilometers
Difficulty moderate
Time: 6 hours
Date of this record May 2013
Download GPS info: Brar North from PeV

General location and approach: Brar Mountain is north of Dajti, und unmistaken with its twin summit.

Other Information: Water is scarce in summer.

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