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Cajupblue hikegreen drivei Mountain (Mali i Lunxherisë)

Summary: When in Gjirokaster, Cajupi is right in your face, and the people of Gjirokaster get excited when talking about it - or hearing about your intention to make it to its summit. Still, we are not aware that Cajupi is climbed very often by visitors, though shepherds are going there regularly as evidenced by the many water holes on and behind the mountain. Shepherd and dog activity start only when the snow is gone, and an earlier time of the year might be advisable. May seems to be perfect.

The west face of Cajupi is fairly steep, and the ascent while not difficult is not for those not accustomed to heights. Perhaps this is a reason why Cajupi doesn't see many visitors, or does not appear in the guidebooks.

An early start is advisable..

The Drive: The trailhead can be comfortably reached from Gjirokaster in about 40 minutes, which removes the need for a camp at the trailhead. Only the last 2.5 kilometer are on a dirt road. With care, a 4WD would not be necessary.

Maximum altitude: 900 meter
Minimum altitude: 190 meter
Cumulative height: 713  meter
Cumulative length: 15  kilometer
Difficulty easy
Time: 40 minutes
Date of this record May 2013
Download GPS info: To Cajup trailhead

The climb: A high, but not overly long climb, mostly on a mule-path. For those wishing to avoid any bushwhack (or rather grasswhack), the trail option to the right (as seen from the trailhead) might be the best bet.

Maximum altitude: 2145 meter
Minimum altitude: 910 meter
Cumulative height: 1305  meter
Cumulative length: 10.7  kilometer roundtrip
Difficulty moderate
Time: 9  hours roundtrip
Date of this record May 2013
Download GPS info: Cajupi climb

General location and approach: The vicinity to Gjirokaster allows to stay in comfortable hotels without losing much time in the morning

Other Information: No potable water along the trail

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