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Mali i Hajmelitblue hike


Summary: Mali i HajmelitMali i Hajmelit is the very visible ridge to west of the Lezha - Shkodra Road. Part of this ridge looks very rocky (and is indeed very difficult to follow). The highest point, on the northern end of the ridge, on a roundish looking summit, can be reached in a short but very rewarding hike.

Maximum altitude: 612 meter
Minimum altitude: 175 meter
Cumulative height: 437 meter
Cumulative length: 3.34 kilometer one way
Difficulty moderate
Time: 2 hours
Date of this record January  2012
Download GPS info: Mali i Hajmelit


General location and approach: The village of Hajmel, or rather Nënshat, is best reached from the Lezha - Kalumet - Vaudejes road.Look for the waypoint that marks the turn off the asphalt road. after some tunrs, and before reaching a monastry, turn right and continue to the edge of a little hamlet, to the trailhead.


Other Information: Walk through some farmhouses for about 100 meters, turn (left) onto a dirt road for 10 meters and right again. Follow the coordinates from here. Later on, a trail becaomes more evident, which however dissapears once you reach a little plateau before the final ascent to the summit. You can choose any path to the summit, but the indicated trail avoids some of th thorny bushwhacks and is a safe way up the steep final ascent.


Reward yourself at the slow-food "Mrizi Zanave" restaurant in Fishte village. In summer, it has a nice out-door atmosphere and the food is very good.


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