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Kodra and Kalasësgreen

Summary: This is (for the time being) the last part of of our "Krrabe Trilogy" (see also "2 ways to Rosavere" and "A pot of gold").

Kodra e Malit (the hill of the mountain) and Maja e Kalasës are the two highest points on the plateau east of Krrabe. While the "hills" of Kodra and Kalasës stand above the plateau for only a 100 meter or so, they offer good views, as do the trails.

This is an easy hike, starting at the radiomasts in Krrabe, at about 800 Meter altitude. The radio towers can be reached by a high-clearance vehicle (see waypoints guiding you through Krrabe). However, be warned, the loop hike dips from the Kodra hill into the valley draining towards Elbasan, requiring an ascent back to radiotowers. Especially the second part of the trail, from Kodra into the valley, is particularly beautiful.

The final ascents to Kodra and Kalasës require some mild bushwhacking. The straight line close to the beginning of the hike denotes a failure of our GPS unit, but the path cannot be missed.

Maximum altitude: 1089 meter
Minimum altitude: 648 meter
Cumulative height: 523  meter
Cumulative length: 8.95  kilometer roundtrip
Difficulty easy
Time: 4 hours or less
Date of this record April 2012
Download GPS info: Kodra and Kalasës

General location and approach: Drive to Krrabe and follow the extra waypoints through Krrabe up to the Radio towers. The road was tarmaced long time ago, and badly broken up. A high clearance vehicle is of definite advantage.

Other Information: It is be possible to connect this hike with others around Krrabe.

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