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Kalofsh Mirë on Korbit Hillgreen hikegreen drive

Summary: You would not necessarily associate Korbit Mountain with ice-crusted mountaineers dangling from taut ropes. For a starter, with about 540 meter altitude it is not of memorable height, especially as an easy 4WD road leads to the village of Shpatë at 360 meter. And then the path is wide most of the time, though you can build in as many difficulties as you wish.

But after weeks of pounding rain, with the sun coming out though much of the underfoot still soaked, Korbit is a good energizer. Unlike many other destinations, Korbit is cultivated to the top, and you may meet one or the other villagers busy riding up and down to their fields - always extending a warm greeting and departing with a Kalofsh Mirë. They seem to be aware how lovely their old olive orchards are - and to be glad that you are here.

The Drive: Leave Tirana towards Petrele. Before reaching Petrele, turn right to Baldushk. Follow the asphalt road towards Baldushk, until you reach the waypoint to Shpatë village. Follow the dirt road up the mountain, until the trailhead.

Maximum altitude: 372 meter
Minimum altitude: 174 meter
Cumulative height: 201  meter
Cumulative length: 2.70  kilometer
Difficulty easy
Time: half hour
Date of this record March 2013
Download GPS info: Spatë drive

The Hike:

Maximum altitude: 553 meter
Minimum altitude: 363 meter
Cumulative height: 195  meter
Cumulative length: 2.58  kilometer one way
Difficulty easy
Time: 1+ hour one way
Date of this record March 2013
Download GPS info: Korbit Hike

General location and approach: South of Tirana, near the village of Baldushk

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