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Across Mali i Korresblue hike

Summary: Mali i Korres could be coming out of a novel. It is the backdrop for several villages on an isolated highland plateau. Situated right on the boundary of Tirana and Elbasan regions, it takes a while to get there along winding roads in desolated landscapes.

We chose a round-trip across the summit of Korres. Due to the much eroded hillsides, the trip requires to descend deep into the ravines. Regardless where you start the loop hike, the total elevation gain will always be the same.

We opted to start with a descent of 200 Meter, but other starting points are possible. One of them would be Korres village - but then you have to climb the 200 meters on the final stretch of your return.

The hike follows trail, forest roads, village roads and short sections through farmland, where orientation might be difficult.

The Hike:

Maximum altitude: 1410 meter
Minimum altitude: 602 meter
Cumulative height: 885  meter
Cumulative length: 14 kilometer roundtrip
Difficulty moderate
Time: 6 hours
Date of this record November 2013
Download GPS info: Korres

The Access: The best way to approach the trailhead is from Elbasan, via the road to Mollagjesh

Maximum altitude: 859 meter
Minimum altitude: 310 meter
Cumulative height: 660  meter
Cumulative length: 21.5  kilometer
Difficulty easy
Time: 1 hour
Date of this record November 2013
Download GPS info: Korres Trailhead

Other Information: For shorter hikes, you may opt for an in-and-out hike along the same route, for instance starting in Cerujë.

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