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Kurora e Lure from Kroi Bardheblue drivegreen hike

Summary: Kroi Bardhe has a sort of mystic reputation. Everybody seems to have heard of it, hardly anyone knows where it is. We eventually found a description in the promotional picture book published by the Council of Lezha Region, where it is praised as a high altitude camping ground organized around a spring with medicinal qualities.

But don't put up your hopes too high. Forget your visions of a Spa-like resort, or an outdoor experience in untamed virgin wilderness. There is little in the way of organized camp sites, nor is there space enough for much privacy. At the end of the summer, the ravine around the well was filled with what Kroi Bardhe enthusiasts had left behind, and the entire area looked sort of unkempt. There are four small wooden cabins for rent.

The spring, so we were told and later read in Wikipedia, is giving water at exactly 3 degree Celcius. Those who drink the water may be cured from up to twelve diseases, but you have to believe in it.

The mystery of Kroi Bardhe thus unravelled, Kroi Bardhe is a good base to climb the Crown of Lure - the highest mountain of the Lure National Park. We had climbed Lure Mountain a year earlier from Lura village, and can attest that the climb from Kroi Bardhe is easier. The climb takes less than 2 hours up, and even less time down, obviating the need to put up camp at Kroi Bardhe (we slept in Lura village).

Not unexpectedly, the views from the top of Lure Mountain are great into all directions.

The Drive: Kroi Bardhe is reached from the road connecting Rreshen and Lure. Turn south about 8 kilometers after Kurbnesh and after a place called MĂ«rkurth. After 9 kilometer you reach a pass - a few hundred meter to the right begins the camping area. You have to walk to the spring. Back at the pass, the main track leads to our trailhead for the Crown of Lure, with ample space to park the car (and possible have a clean spot of grass to put up a tent).

Maximum altitude: 1558 meter
Minimum altitude: 928 meter
Cumulative height: 765  meter
Cumulative length: 12.5 kilometer
Difficulty easy to moderate.
Time: 1 hour
Date of this record August 2013
Download GPS info: Kroi Bardhe

The Hike: From the trailhead, go east across grassy ridges, rocky patches and light forest. You will see various false summits before reaching the top.

Maximum altitude: 2121 meter
Minimum altitude: 1528 meter
Cumulative height: 593  meter
Cumulative length: 3.52 kilometers
Difficulty easy
Time: 2 hours
Date of this record August 2013
Download GPS info: The Crown of Lure from Kroi Bardhe

General location and approach: A sidetrip when travelling towards Lure National Park

Other Information: The road to Kroi Bardhe is narrow and offers few possibilities to pass oncoming traffic. One should be prepared to reverse.

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