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Offroading to Old Mines and a Summit Hike on Allamani Mountainoffroadhiking

Summary: Allamani mountain is not overly prominent, and more people climb it to look for minerals than simply enjoying its beauty and fresh air. There are many beautiful lakes on the plateau near the summit, inviting the visiotr to stay longer. Allamani remains a great mountain, and the described combination of a 4WD track to some mines (some still in use) and a solid summit hike provides for a very interesting outing. By the way, Allamani prevents climbers of Dajti peak to see Korabi mountain - it is right in-between.

The Drive:

Maximum altitude: 1685 meter
Minimum altitude: 519 meter
Cumulative height: 1282 meter
Cumulative length: 20 kilometers
Difficulty easy
Time: almost 2 hours
Date of this record May 2011
Download GPS info: Mali i Allamanit drive

The Hike:

Maximum altitude: 2103 meter
Minimum altitude: 1687 meter
Cumulative height: 516 meter
Cumulative length: 4.66 kilometers
Difficulty moderate 
Time: 2-3 hours
Date of this record May 2011
Download GPS info: Mali i Allamanit climb

General location and approach: The outing starts in Kurdari, which is a short stretch from the Burell-Klos road.

Other Information: Mount Allamani consists of several main ridges and peak, though we trust to have climbed the highest point. There are other 4WD tracks going up the mountain from other villages, and there is plenty to explore.

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