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To the Summit of Mali e Dejesoffroadhiking

Summary: Mali e Dejes dominates the landscape between Burrel, Peshkopi, Puka and Rreshen. It is visible even from further afar, weather permitting, such as from Dajti Mountain and Mount Korab. Most likely, it is one of the most striking mountains of Albania, because of its good visibility and position. It has a steep eastern side, dropping to the Lure National Park and Lure lakes. Those with a lot of time and a reliable 4WD vehicle may combine the climb with a longer excursion to the Lure wonders. Mali e Dejes is not difficult to climb, from the western side, but snow lingers until late in spring. This description combines an easy 4WD trip from Macukull to the trailhead of the loop hike. Alternatively, one may just walk from Macukull until one reaches the trail shown on the map, and returns the same way.

The Drive:

Maximum altitude: 1507 meter
Minimum altitude: 985 meter
Cumulative height: 482 meter
Cumulative length: 7.6 kilometers
Difficulty easy
Time: less than 1 hour
Date of this record May 2011
Download GPS info: Dejes Drive

The Hike:

Maximum altitude: 2257 meter
Minimum altitude: 1473 meter
Cumulative height: 1003 meter
Cumulative length: 12.9 kilometers, loop
Difficulty moderate
Time: about 5 hours, roundtrip
Date of this record May  2011
Download GPS info: Dejes Summit

General location and approach: Mali e Dejes is best climbed from the village of Macukull. Macukull is now connected to Burell via an asphalt road. We are not aware of a hotel or other formal accomodation in Macukull, though it should be possible to find space to put up a tent. A very early start from Burrel should also be possible, on the same day. We drove drive higher up, the mountain, on the advise of the local people, but the drive is rather long and the elevation gain about 400 meter only. It provides for a mix of approach, though next time we may elect to start walking right from the village.

Other Information: The drive to the trailhgead as indicated is easy for a vehicle with reasonably high clearance. Rather than returning to Macukull, it is possible to return to the "sharp turn" indicated on the map and continue to Lis, and possibly the Lure lakes. This would be considerably more difficult.

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