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Mali i Gallushithiking blue

Summary: Mali i Gallushit (the name that we were told), though relatively close to Tirana, will always instill a feeling of remoteness, especially when approached from Tirana. The villages on the western and southern slopes, facing the Adriatic Sea, orient themselves towards Peqin, the capital of the same-named district belonging to Elbasan region. But rural life seems to have little changed over the past years, and many anemities of modern life are still far away. Mali i Gallushit has a rather steep face on its nnorthern and eastern side, with deep ravines and steep, weathered ridges, which make for very interesting excursions for the intrepid hiker who is not afraid of heights. Mali i Gallushit, with 747 Meter altitude, is the highest point between the Tirana - Elbasan asphalt road and the Mediterranian, with fantastic views when the weather is fine.

Maximum altitude: 747 meter
Minimum altitude: 255 meter
Cumulative height: 588 meter
Cumulative length: 10 kilometers roundtrip
Difficulty moderate
Time: 4 hours
Date of this record November  2011
Download GPS info: Mali i Gallushit

General location and approach: Apprach the trailhead by leaving Tirana on the Elbasan road. Before reaching Petrela and a bridge, turn right to Baldushk (signposted, 9 km). Continue this road until the asphalt ends, and continue for about another 4 kilometers to the trailhead. The first 2 kilometers, you ascend on a dirt road. The trail returns on this road.

Other Information: This is marked as a ballon hike, anticlockwise. When you halfway descended from the summitt, at a farmhouse, is also possible to descend more directly (right) to the river and the trailhead (instead of returning to the road you hiked up). This is probably the "shortcut" from Baldushk, when the dirt road up the mountain is not passable in winter or after heavy rains.

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