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Summary: Mali i Polisit, for all its bulk, is a rather inconspicious mountain. For once, many people will not even notice that it is there, as it consists mainly of a high, seemingly flat plateau. Those driving from Elbasan to Librazhd through the Shkumbin valley only see its lowest slopes. Mali i Polisit doesn't have a "stand-out summit", though its highest point is unmistaken once you made it to the plateau.

All this is to say that Mali i Polisit is unlikely to top the mountaineer's priority list. But a hike up to its summit, especially in spring, will exceed all your expectations. Route finding is difficult through the forests and the karstic dolines, and - like on Munelle mountain - there is a lot of up and down before you will reach its highest point, just below the 2000 Meter mark.

But you will feel very much rewarded once you make it to the top, or just to the green alpine meadows!

The Drive to Gurshpatë: Not very difficult, but surprisingly long. There are several possibilities for taking the wrong turn. Once at the trailhead, one can continue following the fairly good road for a few more kilometers.

Maximum altitude: 1133 meter
Minimum altitude: 196 meter
Cumulative height: 996  meter down
Cumulative length: 13.8  kilometer
Difficulty easy
Time: 4.5 hours
Date of this record May 2013
Download GPS info: Drive to Gurshpatë

The climb: The major difficulty is to find a trail through the patches of forest. Our trail (which we found on our return hike) uses open spaces as much as possible.

Maximum altitude: 1973 meter
Minimum altitude: 1175 meter
Cumulative height: 864  meter
Cumulative length: 7.28  kilometer one way
Difficulty moderate
Time: 5.5 hour up
Date of this record May 2013
Download GPS info: Mali i Polisit

General location and approach: North of Elbasan. The turn off to Gurshpatë is just before Hotel Ballkan.

Other Information: Its a long hike, with more than 14.6 kilometer for the return trip!

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