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Illyrian Stones and a Lofty Summitbluegreen


Summary: Many visitors come to Petrelë, primarily to visit the restaurants and the "Petrelë Castle", and this is good so. But Petrelë has other secrets awaiting the more intrepid visitor. The hill behind Petrelë is the site of the ancient City of Përsqop, and some ruins have recently been freed from shrubs and overgrowth. Moreover the commune of Petrelë is cutting new paths to make the sites more easily accessible and a new circular road was built. If you came for lunch or a view to Petrelë, why not take your car for a short excursion to the sights of some of the remaining ruins of Përsqop, thousands of years old? The hiker can also climb to the summit of the hill previously enclosed by the castle's walls. The route from the main castle walls to the summit is a light and cool scramble (though it can be hot at noon and later in the day. All hiking trails, except the scramble, are easy.


The Drive:

Maximum altitude: 471 meter
Minimum altitude: 308 meter
Cumulative height: 170meter
Cumulative length: 5.5  kilometers
Difficulty easy
Time: about 1/2hours
Date of this record March 2012
Download GPS info: Drive to Përsqop


The Hike: 

Maximum altitude: 592  meter
Minimum altitude: 323 meter
Cumulative height: 261 meter
Cumulative length: 4  kilometer
Difficulty easy
Time: 3  hours
Date of this record March 2012
Download GPS info: Illyrian Stones and a Lofty Summit



General location and approach: It is easiest to start the hike or drive at the market place of Petrelë. You can also start the hike at any other point of the road.


Other Information: Petrelë commune is working hard tomake this place interesting and attractive. It will be important to keep the sites in the conditions we found them - or even cleaner!



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