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Two Ways to Rosaverehiking

Summary: Rosavere is a somewhat fabled village near Krrabe, which is only available by foot. (We saw an old Mercedes Benz parked in the village, and there might be times in the year when a vehicle can ford the river and reach the village. It is unlikely, however, that driving to Rosaveres would be faster than walking from Krrabe).  Rosavere, and the goorge it overlooks is rumoured to have been the place where Enver Hoxha used to stash away huge amounts of gold coins and foreign currency reserves. After the transition, people started looking for the treasures, which however were never found.

There are actually three trails to Rosavere. The first is straightforward from Krrabe to Rosavere without much up and down, and it is also very beautiful. Our variation follows this regular for a while, but then descends (left) to the river below. From Rosavere, we selected a route higher up back to Krrabe.

Maximum altitude: 796 meter
Minimum altitude: 454 meter
Cumulative height: 456 meter
Cumulative length: 8.79  kilometer roundtrip
Difficulty moderate
Time: 3 to 4 hours rountrip
Date of this record June 2011
Download GPS info: Rosaveres

General location and approach: The trail starts in Krrabe, and it might be a good idea to drive as high up and twoards the canyon, as much as possible (see also photograps below).

Other Information: The trail runs along some steep cliffs with excellent views across the gorge. The main trail is wide and can hardly be missed. Once you have left the main trail and went down to the river, the trail is less visible, but one can follow the river bed until Rosavere is in clear view to the right. The upper return trail is slightly more difficult to find. We met a shepherd along the way, who suggested that the last stretch of the trail to Krrabe might be suitable for men, but not for women. We can confirm that both women and men can manage the trail.

When on the final return to Krrabe, the upper trail leads above a steep cliff. There seem to be many trails leading to the edge of the cliff. They look quite worn, but be Not tempted to follow them. These paths are used by people from Krrabe who cut wood on the mountain, and take them on their mules to the cliff. There, they throw the wood down the cliff, to be collected later. Don't become a piece of firewood and stay left (close to the mountain) as long as you can, until the terrain becomes easier and you can follow a well visible path down to Krrabe.

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