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Along the edge - Maja e Strakovecitblue hike

Summary: What looks like something from one side may look a different matter from the other side. Mali i Lunxherise is one of those two-faced mountains.

Lunxherise is the mountain range east of Gjirokastra. It looks not like much from Gjirokastra - more or less like a humangeous loaf of bread - but from the Zagoria valley it becomes a different matter. Seen from there, a lot of drama unfolds, with steep cliffs and deep ravines.

Maja e Strakovecit is the northern summit of the Lunxherise, spearated from the 14 kilometer distant main summit by the pass to Fushë e Cajupit. Fushë Cajupt is a vast grazing area. It is so productive that an asphalt road has been built to an altitude of 1300 Meter, giving convenient access to Strakovecit.

While not particularly strenuous, a hike to the summit of Strakovecit is a hike along the edge. We hiked it when clouds were swirling around the ridge, hiding the vertical drops and steep summit cliffs until we stepped on them. Perhaps, with different weather, the route may be considered more easy - or more intimidating, depending on your feel for heights.

At the top of the mountain, we were not sure about the true summit, and ventured out onto some cliffs. This can be fun - or not. It is not necessary anyway, as the true summit is on the top of the grassy ridge.

The views are extraordinary. Although measured at only 1956 Meter, Maja e Strakovecit offers sights of almost everything that may interest mountaineers in southern Albania. And, of course, into the broad valleys of Zagoria, the Gjirokastra plains, the cannabis-producing town of Lazarat and other points of interest.

Maximum altitude: 1956 meter
Minimum altitude: 1320 meter
Cumulative height: 683  meter
Cumulative length: 4  kilometer one way
Difficulty moderate
Time: 3 hours one way or less
Date of this record September 2012
Download GPS info: Strakovecit

General location and approach: From the northern roundabout in Gjirokastra, head across the river and towards the other side of the valley. Follow the asphalt road to Cajupit

Other Information: Because of the good access road, and the not very long distance to the summit, the hike can be done easily from an overnight in Gjirokastra.


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