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Sub-Urban Jungle in Tiranagreen

Summary: A short stroll or a 3 hour hike, depending on where you start. Unlike most other hikes in Albania, this has the options of having a drink or a meal at the trailhead or somewhere around. There are superb views across Tirana, the Lake and towards Dajti and the mountain chain east of Tirana.

We got the idea of this hike from Geonomon om Wikiloc. Aside from gentle paths through the Botanical Gardens, and dirt roads up the hills, it also incorporates a delightful 40 Meter scramble (UIAA II) up a ridge.

Especially the return is difficult to follow without a GPS - so take one. The trail mainly follows a river bed, in part through brambles and not always very visible. Sub-Urban Jungle! Otherwise, just follow any of the roads through the newly built housing areas back to Tirana.

The Hike: Our hike is a bit longer than as suggested by Geonomon. We started at the east side of the Tirana park, and also added a few meters at the top of the hills to gain the view down the Erzen valley. The hike is easy, but mind the scramble! (which beginners might consider doing when it is dry).

Maximum altitude: 277 meter
Minimum altitude: 118 meter
Cumulative height: 230 meter
Cumulative length: 9.95 kilometers
Difficulty easy
Time: 3 hours
Date of this record November 2012
Download GPS info: Sub-urban Jungle in Tirana

General location and approach: The hike is shortest when you drive to the Dam at the artificial lake (e.g. park at the Capital Shoppig Centre). Otherwise start anywhere at or near the Tirana Park.

Other Information: You may end the hike in Prince Park Restaurant, or Sofra e Ariut, which we both like very much - or any restaurant in the park or Tirana!

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