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Above the Tirana River Gorge

Summary: An old path leads from the village of Tujan to the village of Dajti, behind Dajti Mountain. The path travels high above the Tirana River, on its southern bank. On the other side of the gorge is a road, much lower. Evidently, the old path is little used, as it is so much easier to travel the distance by car. But while the road is also interesting to dirve or walk (we use part of it for the return trip), the old path is much breathtaking.

The road below - the so-called Arber Road - is currently being upgraded to provide, in a couple of years, an easy and quick way to Klos and hence Burrel, Diber and on. While every traveller will enjoy such a significant shortcut, the beauty of the Tirana River Gorge will undoubtedly disappear. Hike it while it is still there!

Maximum altitude: 456 meter
Minimum altitude: 218 meter
Cumulative height: 411 meter
Cumulative length: 8.9 kilometer roundtrip
Difficulty moderate
Time: 3-4 hours
Date of this record September 2011
Download GPS info: Tirana River

General location and approach: The trail starts in the village of Tujanit. Leave Tirana towards Brar, and turn right for Tujanit where the Tujanit castle is signposted. This is near the big cemetary of Tirana. Follow the road until and almost through Tujanit and park there. At the indicated waypoint, there is enough space to turn your car.

Other Information: The trail, once an important mule path connecting Tujan and Dajti, is no longer in active use and at risk of falling into disepair. In September 2011, it was still reasonably safe, but apply caution.

The return trail follows the road, but turns off into a large quarry used for the current road work. Follow the quarry road up for several switchbacks. From the last switchback, an overgrown and barely visible visible, but manageble path takes you back to the way you came, making for a balloon hike.

Plan to take a bath on your return trip, in the Tirana River

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