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Summary: There is somewhat of a mystery as to the real name of this mountain. We call it Gamnit. It is very close to Tirana, and it stands in a row with Kruja Mountain, Gamnit, Brari Mountain and Dajti. Of all those, Gamnit looks somewhat forbidding, and it is the most diffcult of those to climb. As for the others, the views from the top are extraordinary, especially down to the Bovila lake on the eastern side, but also to Kruja mountain and Dajti.

Maximum altitude: 1273 meter
Minimum altitude: 417 meter
Cumulative height: 863 meter
Cumulative length: 6.5 kilometer roundtrip
Difficulty moderate
Time: 4 hours roundtrip
Date of this record May 2011
Download GPS info: Gamnit

General location and approach: Gamnit trailhead can be reached from Tirana. Drive through Kamza and towards Zall-Herr. When approaching the canyon between Gamnit and Brar Mountain, cross a bridge. The right turn takes you to Bovila lake. Take the somewhat indistinct left turn, which winds up to the village and trailhead.

Other Information: Once you leave the meadows and olive trees, the trail up to Gamnit is rather indistinct. It zig-zags steadily up to the plateau. On the last stretch to the plateau the trail disappears alltogether, in favour of countless traces made by sheep and goats. Take the path that you feel is best. Those uncomfortable with heights have to do slowly when coming back.

Once on the plateau, several paths lead to grazing areas and water holes. For the final push to the summit, you have to do an easy bushwack. Traces of a path to the summit can be found near the southern edge of the summit ridge. We therefore have marked the trail as a balloon.

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