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Summary: The ruins of the castle of Bashtovë are easily accessible and rather well preserved or maintained. Bashtovë is a Venetian fortress built in the 15th century at the mouth of the Shkumbin River. I was meant to help protect the maritime trade of the time. Over the centuries, the Shkumbin has changed course, and the castle sits in solitude in the middle of a field, without even a view to what would have been the harbor.

Some assert that Bashtovë was built on the ruins of an even older castle, dating back to the 6th century.

Should you go there on a summer weekend, you may see wedding couples doing their wedding shoots on the walls of the castle - which we think is making well use of the surrounding, and is promoting the history of Albania!

The Drive: Asphalt up to the ruins, from the turn off in Gosë, on the new highway connecting Durres with Rrogozhinë. We gave directions here, as there is no signpost to Bashtovë.  If you continue the road past Bashtovë, you arrive at Spille Beach.

Maximum altitude: 22 meter
Minimum altitude: 0  meter
Cumulative height: 22  meter
Cumulative length: 12 kilometers from the highway
Difficulty easy
Time: 25 minutes
Date of this record September 2012
Download GPS info: Bashtove

General location and approach: Bashtovë is near the seaside, between Kavajë and Lushnjë.

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