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Berat to Këlcyrablue drive

Summary: The road leads through a beautiful part of central south Albania, offering grand views towards Tomorri and many more mountains and villages. It is a highlight of any moderate 4-wheeling in Albania,  connecting major towns in different regions.

We had driven the road from Këlcyra to Berat several years ago, shortly after having acquired our 4 wheels in Albania. We were misled by the maps that showed this road as a  major highway - and spent several hours more on the road than anticipated. We believe that many enthusiasts are routinely becoming victims to this misinformation.

50,000 kilometer on Albanian roads and 4 years later, we went again, this time from Berat to Këlcyra. Compared to many other travails, the road is generally not too bad. However, in May 2013, erosion may render the road impassable after a few more heavy rains in two spots between Tërpan and Buzë, unless serious repair work is done.

We gave it a moderate rating, mainly on account of its length, and some spare time should be planned in case of delays.

Maximum altitude: 934 meter
Minimum altitude: 54 meter
Cumulative height: 1458  meter
Cumulative length: 70  kilometer
Difficulty moderate
Time: 5 hours
Date of this record May 2013
Download GPS info: Berat to Këlcyra

General location and approach: From Berat to Këlcyra or vice versa. The drive starts at the bridge over the Osumi, in Berat.

Other Information: In case of problems or delays, an escape is possible from Buzë (about the midpoint between Berat and Këlcyra) to Memaliaj, near Tepelene. The last 15 kilometer from Dicnica to Këlcyra are on very good dirt road, which we expect to be soon covered with asphalt.

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