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Paulesh to Baldushkdifficult drive

Summary: This trail is a variant of a trail we took a few years earlier (backroad from Petrele to Elbasan). That time, we rated the trail as difficult, and this is even a little harder. The dirt road between Paulesh and Garunjë has suffered badly, and from Garunjë we took the option of going to Cacabezë. From there, the road winds down into the Zllihma valley and eventually continues to Baldushk, from which there is asphalt.

The difficult stretches are short. We suggest not to attempt the trail when it rains, or after a long rainy period, as some potentially muddy stretches may get you stuck for a while.

Nevertheless - a fabulous alternative for those who tire of the thrills of the asphalt road connecting Tirana and Elbasan, and have a 4WD and some time to spare.

Maximum altitude: 601 meter
Minimum altitude: 68 meter
Cumulative height: 726  meter down
Cumulative length: 35  kilometer
Difficulty difficult
Time: 2.5 hours
Date of this record May 2013
Download GPS info: Paulesh to Baldushk

General location and approach: West of the Tirana - Elbasan asphalt road

Other Information: Be prepared - you are unlikely to meet other traffic

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